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OK I am Back

Due to the amount of people asking me to return, and to continue with my Humor In Everyday Life, I have decided to return. Stay tuned…….


The Heat Is On

The month of June was filled with cold and dreary days. Now, with only a week left in July, summer shows up and we are hitting days of high humidity and heat. So that means we have about 45 days till it begins to cool off. Topics at the barbershop always ends up with “Is it ever going to stop raining?” Seems we are in a weather mode of nice during day then rain and storms at night. I heard yesterday at Farmers Market that certain crops have not been put in because of the shortened growing season. My forecast for this winter is: A warm winter with a lot of heavy snow. I believe all the rain we have been getting will come back around this winter in the form of ice and snow.

Well that’s it for now. Just checking to see this site is still working. I do plan on writing more in the upcoming week on topics I am sure will get people’s underwear in bunches!


Middle of May and the furnace is still kicking in! Where is summer? Let’s get this place warmed up. Fed up with living in the ice age.

Been Gone

I hate FM radio stations. Always the same music and when they play a commercial, it usually is played several times an hour. I do like Wisconsin Public radio (WPR).

Weather Update

As of January 7, 2017, it’s freeking 20 below zero. Come on Spring. The dogs love it though!

Weather Right Now

       The weather has finally turned warm. I was not sure if it was ever going to  warm up. Now that it has it’s time to put some miles on my mountain bike. Bought a Fitbit to monitor my walking and cycling miles, and that has turned out to be a very helpful tool. 

Since the day temps are reaching into the high 80’s, the sheepdogs will be walked very early or very late in the day to avoid the heat. Bliss has already been shaved but I am keeping Panda’s long hair on till he meets a breeder that is coming in the next month or so. Panda’s services are needed to begin the process of creating puppies.

The world news is depressing. So much that I am trying to stay away from watching it. Local news is not much better, but local news holds valuable information that is useful to know. The good news for today is that my son Noah turns 17.  With that being said, I now need to go get him his present.

Cold June

I hope the weather starts to get warmer soon. So far it’s been cool.