Life With me In It

At one point in my life I was a college student at University of Minnesota. I entered into studies as a pre-law student and journalism. I had a short section in the college rag as the Weekend Event reporter. I listed things to do, suggestions, on what to do besides hang out in a bar or hide behind a bottle. Dining and restaurants came about later. What did I do with all that I learned in college? I quit after 2-years because I was fed up with being broke all the time. Even with holding 3-part-time jobs, I never had the money to be able to purchase any bright and shiny objects. It was always pay for the things I needed to survive on. Food, rent and utilities. Now days I find myself disabled, living on disability, and raising a 13-year old son, whose mother died several years ago from not knowing when to quit partying. These days I hate money as there is never enough to still buy those shiny objects. It’s still about bills and rent, and looking at cars and trucks that I will never be able to afford. But yet, in this period I call the final chapter, I find myself wondering just where I would be if I had finished school, and if I have it in me to go back.


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