Life Kind of Today

It sure was a lot easier being a single dad when my son was 4. I would even say I could still wing it when he was 9, but now at 14 (very soon 15) I really am going into unchartered waters. I can’t bluff my way out of conversations as easy. Not only do I have to act like I know what I am talking about, I actually MUST know what I am talking about. I am both a mother and a father to a young man who uses phrases,”I will wack you on a game of Xbox”. Nowdays he still remembers what I said the day before, and he catches me and makes me sweat when he grills me about going shopping, and if I have enough loot to get him shoes and jeans. At 15 he can tell when I am not telling the full truth, and it’s times like that , I swear I see vultures flying overhead, just waiting for me to drop. I will live to see another day though, he makes sure of that.  After all, while he is in school I have a list of things he wants done during the day, and the afternoon snack had better be on the table when he comes in the door like Outlaw Josey Wales from school! Man, what ever happened to the times I could make up excuses and he would believe me? Gone…never to return till he has kids, and I can get by, by telling those little white lies to HIS kids!


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  1. I wrote this in between doing loads of laundry!


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