My Sheepdogs and Insanity


While my son is in school, Bliss (female) and Panda (male) do their best to keep me busy. Evidently going for a walk every half hour is in their ‘must do’ book. But in the long run they keep my mind off the serious stuff that every parent must think about when they have a teenager. My son has been screwing around so much at school, he has fallen behind in his studies. Now if he was going to prepare for a life of  being a comedy writer/actor, I would say he is on the right path. But as it is, there is no way he is going to enter high school with enough education behind him to be able to compete with his classmates. Even I who was once labeled “troubled” did not get in as much trouble as he has.

Noah and I used to be friends first and father/son second. Now I have become the enemy, the face of which he can point his finger and say “You are the reason I am so angry!” What got me high in his rankings of problem causers, was when I started taking his Xbox away. The power that little machine has over our children is staggering. Just watching my son go through the levels of withdrawls from not having a video controller in his hands tells me; we got a serious problem on our hands. Maybe it started when I let him play for 6-hours straight. There were times when I got involved in personal matters that I left him alone in his room to live out a fantasy of being a soldier dropped behind unfriendly battle-lines. But I let it go too far in the amount of hours he spent in front of a tv screen with the $89 modified controller, that he just had to have. Then again, maybe when I went to bed and left him stay up late to play video games, I should have told him to “shut er’ down junior!” Whatever the reason, I let him slip into a full-blown addiction of video games, and I am now sorry I ever let that game system into the house.

So now, because of the video game addiction, I have to spent hours reading emails on how bad my son’s performance is at school, from teachers, counselors and social workers. Gone are the days of reading a book. Just insert  a game disk, pick up a controller and “poof”,  you are instantly in another world. No more chatting on the phone with your friends. No, now you have a microphone and headset, so you can communicate with your team on how the killing is going. My son has more friends as soldiers in a video game than he does running around the house playing Tag. Also from these hours of video game playing comes learning new words and phrases. None of which I will put here because they are all filthstraight because all I think about is getting my Xbox back!” Well it’s put away and if I have my way it will y swearing. Another reason this machine should be taught flying lessons right out through the back door!

So now the Xbox is put away out of reach. Now the new excuse for failing at school is,”I can’t think because all I think about is playing my Xbox!”  Well the Xbox will be playing “Locked Away”. Until he gets back into the school swing of things it wll stay gone. I am saving his life and he does not even realize this. The Sheepdogs do though. He is starting to pet them more. Instead of racing to his room to start up a new battlezone, he is stopping to rub their stomachs upon entering the house after school. Just maybe life will return to normal where he is the son and I am the dad, and one of our favorite games is tossing the football in the back yard. Maybe soon he will see those games for what they really are. Mind stealing, real life thieves that rot your mind and turn the every day kid into a garbage talking grunt!


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