Escape To Wisconsin

That used to be the catch phrase for Wisconsin tourism. America’s Dairyland is what was printed on the state license plates, but I believe California has the title of most milk producing of the states now. What ever title Wisconsin uses, you can bet it has something to do with tourism.

I was born in Wisconsin and I am thankful I was. Having lived and worked in 42 of these United States, people have come to know Wisconsin people to be hard working, and in some cases, heavy beer drinkers. When you ask southern people what they think of Wisconsin they say that a dairy farm comes to mind. When I think of Wisconsin, I first think of all the nice and friendly people that live here, and second I think of the great forests in the northland. For a tourist, there are so many events and activities to do here, it’s no wonder tourism is the leading form of business.

From the north there are the Apostle Islands that dot the great lake of Superior, which has been given the rank of 2nd largest lake in the world. Violent crime is almost non-existent around the Apostle Islands. That fact in itself helps families decide to come here on vacation. They have an abundance of activities to participate in while vacationing in the northland, and many times a week’s vacation is not enough to capture everything. Just one whole day can be spent in Bayfield, the gateway to the Apostles. Take a 4-hour cruise around the islands, have lunch in Bayfield, then walk down to the pier and rent a boat for your own sight seeing adventure,  Start by renting a sailboat or kayak, or even  a bicycle. Your vacation in this area would be fun and exciting at very low prices, even for a family of 4.

While many families this year are experiencing loss of wages, they still need to have a place to get-away to.  “There is no better place than Wisconsin to have a vacation”, is what many have thought when it was time to pack up to return home. That is why Wisconsin has been in the tourism business for so long. The state has what you are looking for. Whether it’s on the lake, in the woods or in one of it’s fine cities, you will find something to write home about. So when you and your family starts planning a vacation, make sure you say “Make It Wisconsin!”


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