Do Your Job

In recent years, I have seen people and complete offices not doing their job to the best ability they could do. Basically these people were just showing up for a paycheck, and  without caring about the quality of work they put out.

Take for instance my ongoing complaints with the Chamber of Commerce and office of Tourism. Many times I have read complaints from local citizens and folks visiting the area. They want to get out and see the sights, shop, and spend some time at a event they briefly have heard about. So they begin to look for names, times and dates and directions of where these events are being held. In some cases, because there was no advance notice put out in newspapers and on the radio, they didn’t find out about the event till after it had ended!

The story is always the same. People first hear about the possibility of an event going on so they grab the local paper to get the info. But it’s not there. Then they try one of three free newspapers, and there too is nothing listed  on the event. If they are close to a computer they try the local websites  and newspaper, looking under Current Events and Whats Happening, and once again there is no information. Some people are resourceful and try the radio station, where if they are lucky there will be someone there to be able to assist them in getting the info they are looking for. Some may even try calling for local tourist information office with the Chamber of Commerce, only to find out that it is the weekend and the answering machine tells them to call back on Monday when the office will re-open.

At this point the “tourist” may give up, or they may start driving around to ask info from gas stations, Kwiky Marts and even go so far as stopping complete strangers on the street to question them, all in the hopes of getting any kind of tips on how to find out what is going on. They keep driving around hoping to see something that will lead them to an event. A sign, or a parking lot filled with cars or a traffic snarl . So for all the digging they have done, they still have not found what they were looking for, until the next day in the newspaper they get to read about all the fun and excitement they have missed.

All of this could have been prevented, if someone would have taken the time to let the media know about their  event. Put an ad in the paper, inform the Tourist Information office, and use everything available to get the message out there. People will  come if you invite them, and give them the info they need to get there. If you are an event planner, do your job of getting the message out there.


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