Old Man Winter Arrives

Old Man Winter finally showed up yesterday. While it was not a large storm, it proved to be more than some drivers could handle. The drivers who found themselves in ditches soon realized their driving skills were not up to par for winter driving yet. I picture all the auto insurance salespeople sitting on the end of their chair, hands shaking, and staring at the phone that they know will ring  because of the first snowfall of the year. I think their driving skills leave on vacation in November  and don’t make it back till February or March. Too late to save them from ice and snow.

Not everyone is against winter. All the snowmobilers pray for snow once the temperatures dip. All the restaurants and saloons in northern Wisconsin and Michigan look forward to winter vacationers to pull them through till summer. So this weekend, I-43 will have a procession of cars and trucks, with trailers in tow, headed north to Big Snow Country, to  places like Bayfield, Ashland, Hurley, Ironwood, Minocqua, and all the little towns in between. All the food shelves and coolers have been stocked and the kitchens of the north are braced for tourists, decked out in their winter garb. You can bet that millions of chickens have given up their wings, in order to create the thousands of orders of Buffalo Wings!


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