Free TV

Recently I installed a digital tv box, in hopes of recieving free tv signals from stations in the Milwaukee and Green Bay area. So far I have pulled in 7-10 stations, depending on what time of day it is, and depending on what weather conditions are. I did away with cable tv five years ago partly in due to the conversation I had with the secretary at Charter Communications. As I stepped up to fork over my $60 for monthly subscription, I remarked:

Me: I am fed up with all the commercials I am having to see when I watch cable.

Her: Well sir, commercials are what pays for the programs and tv shows.

Me: Well Maam, that is not true, as “I” am the one who is paying for the programs. This will be my last month with cable. Please have my cable disconnected. I refuse to pay for the privledge of watching advertising.

So the cable was disconnected, and my son and I started watching movies that we got from the library, and I joined a recycle club where I trade VCR and DVD movies. This has worked out for 5-years. I finally decided to get connected to free signals from tv stations in the viewing area. My feelings are, after 30-days of watching free tv, is that there is no way to get away from commercials. There are some great shows on tv, but the  networks take away the excitement of a new show, by interupting the shows to play advertising segments. They are  trying their best to make me see the need that these items should be in my life. As if  I can’t live without them.  As if these products can perform miracles. That life would be much better if I bought these products. That it would make me better than my neighbor. That the opposite sex would be greatly attracted to me.

So I have kept up viewing, but now I only watch certain shows. My time viewing has been cut in half. During the commercials I get up and do things around the house. I still am not happy with tv, and I am getting along just fine without knowing about these miraclious products that may be missing from my life.  The one thing that keeps me pressing the on button, is the news and news programs like 60 Minutes. I really think the networks need to think about bringing people back to watch, and limit the amount of time they are showing commercials.


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