I’m Getting By

My thoughts. I feel like most peeps. I’m getting by. It’s comforting to know we can get by and live to see another glorious day. Like watching Buffalo recover from the major snowstorm. May they get by themselves, to see another glorious day.

Why Are We Sick?

Has anyone noticed the condition of our country? We as a majority are unhealthy. So get healthy and enjoy this little bit of time we have to enjoy a life.-Peace

Ancient Humans Returning To Life

Take a good look around and you will see retired folk, heading back to work. Yes, why sit at home when you could be working if you want if you can. No one is sying to become a bricklayer but there are literally thousands of jobs a retired person can do. Get out, meet new people, and change direction. Keep that beautiful body of yours movin’ and groovin’. What else are you going to do? Watch reruns of The Merve Griffin Show?

All Of Us Have Paid For Death

The US Government spends TRILLIONS on supporting wars. You paid for the death of another human being through your taxes, and you will keep paying, or those 8800 new tax collectors will be knocking on your door. So expect more death and destruction from the government, BUT DO NOT LET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO VIOLENCE. Where does the violent offenders learn from? The US GOVERNMENT. I believe we need a government, and I respect the Office of The President, but the time is past due where they can do anything they want and make the American People pay for killing other human beings. What happens to YOU if you kill someone? Prime example…What will happen to you if you give a gun to someone and they kill someone? Now, do you see how this government works?

Governments and Violence

You are to blame, that is what Biden said. This “Trump” wave is like spreading all over and it’s YOUR fault. They say violence is not the answer. No it’s not, but sometimes. it is needed. After all, violence is deep in our country. Civil War? Indian Wars?Spanish-American War? Finally, how about the one that made this country USA, The American Revolution??? If that isn’t enough violence for you than I don’t know what else to show, “Violence is needed when one group of people want what the other people have, and isn’t it strange now, that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are coming together but not for what Biden tried doing. He failed because he is making the people come together against him. Way to go Brandon. In my thoughts, and in no way am I trying to influence your VOTE, but the Republican Party is getting stronger every day, and I, and I said “I”, believe Trump WOULD be the next President. After everything they have put him through, he is THE PEOPLE’S Choice. So if you don’t like it, you have two choices. (here comes the part where people write me and say,you can’t say that) You have choice one, VOTE, or violence. Don’t forget that our government was started because of violence. Just a few thoughts.

Milwaukee, Best In World To Get Shot

Come to Milwaukee and get shot, car jacked or murdered. That is the award Milwaukee won.

Expired Food

I have eaten green beans from cans that were expired and I am still alive to tell the not-so-near-death of survival. Why is there food expiring? It means there is too much food and you can’t get that schedule back around to creamed beans. Are there rules for expiring food in a bomb shelter? Well, I will tell you this: if I find a can of expired 3-Bean Salad, that baby’s mine!!-Peace

New Illegal Drug Name Changes

Keeping up with all the new words coming out lately, it has come to rename some of these illegal substances.

Anthrax…instead of Meth

Kneecap…instead of Crack

Hairy Butthole….instead of Heroin

These changes will take place immediately. Thank You…The Mgt

Fall Is Really Here

Oh the smell of a fireplace, or the smell of fall itself. Dark most of the time, thankfully I bought a headlamp that acts like an Xray machine going off. A flashlight is almost mandatory in winter because you can’t miss tripping over all the cracks in the cement. “Hey, are you drunk?”, “No, I am wearing comfortable shoes on this ice-covered sidewalk”. I once rode my mt bike through 3-winters, but I had the gear for it. Now with walking Bernese Mt Dogs in winter, you can bet I will be strapping on some shoe spikes and plenty of padding (Carharts) for when I fall. I know it’s going to happen, the trick is to be prepared and just “fall”, and not start break dancing till you hit the ground, trying to grab onto imaginary railings. So winter is next on deck, and you better be prepared because there are going to be some records broken in snow totals this year. All these floods? Water has to go somewhere.-Peace

Mr Panda

You Have 5 Months

If you never have planted a garden, now is the time to start planning, and there is no one better at helping you, other than Farmers Almanac and Mother Earth News. Food is a necessity and if you don’t know how to grow some, then food will be harder to find. The ability to be self-sufficient is more than buying an item at the store. There are thousands of horticulture tips and tricks to be found online. Now is the time to start reading, exploring, and planning. Get your friends together and form a Growing Circle. One person each grows a certain type of produce, to share, and barter with. Sure some of you eat meat (me too) so get some hunters in your circle. Invite some fishermen. Invite Grandma and Grandpa to join. Nothing can replace experience. These “old folks” have a good idea of what does and does not work. Get your skills honed and you will always have food. The time has come to be a backyard farmer.-Peace