Weather Update

As of January 7, 2017, it’s freeking 20 below zero. Come on Spring. The dogs love it though!

Weather Right Now

       The weather has finally turned warm. I was not sure if it was ever going to  warm up. Now that it has it’s time to put some miles on my mountain bike. Bought a Fitbit to monitor my walking and cycling miles, and that has turned out to be a very helpful tool. 

Since the day temps are reaching into the high 80’s, the sheepdogs will be walked very early or very late in the day to avoid the heat. Bliss has already been shaved but I am keeping Panda’s long hair on till he meets a breeder that is coming in the next month or so. Panda’s services are needed to begin the process of creating puppies.

The world news is depressing. So much that I am trying to stay away from watching it. Local news is not much better, but local news holds valuable information that is useful to know. The good news for today is that my son Noah turns 17.  With that being said, I now need to go get him his present.

Cold June

I hope the weather starts to get warmer soon. So far it’s been cool.

Cops and Robbers-The Truth

       I am so fed up with all these stories about police killing “innocent” criminals, I feel I need to add a few of my own thoughts.

TIP #1. Police are human. Do NOT make them angry, attempt to fight with them or run. If you give them respect, keep your mouth shut, and listen to their commands, you will not be injured or harmed. What part of that do you not understand?

Winter 2014

Winter 2014

Commercials on TV

I do not subscribe to cable TV. The reason is because of what a secretary said to me as I was paying my bill one time. I had told her I was fed up with all the advertising and commercials. Her response,”Advertising pays for the shows”. To which I said,”No, I pay for the shows!” That has been well over 7-years ago, and I still do not miss paying $60 + a month, so that I can go out and buy more batteries for a remote that I seem to wear out flipping through worthless channels. Now I get free tv from an antennae where I never know which channel will come in due to the weather. It has limited my choices, but also has supplied me with some quality programming. I speak of the Public Broadcasting channels. I enjoy their news and enlightening shows. When I get bored I turn on the Spanish channel and try to decipher  the conversations. Better than Wheel of Fortune.

Yesterday, while watching a series of programs on CBS, I know for a fact there were more commercials being played than the shows themselves. Sure I know it’s Christmas time. Sell sell sell. But there wasn’t one commercial about the true reason for Christmas. Why? Are they afraid to offend someone? Well they offended me by trying to cram all the latest gadgetry down my throat, and even playing some commercials over and over. I was actually hoping to see some bicycle commercials. Not a one. Come to think of it, I have never seen a commercial for bicycles, except when the Tour DE France is on. Well I guess it’s true: you can’t have everything.

New Snow

Our area received a new blanket of snow today. While I do ride a bicycle all winter, I shy away from riding after a snowfall. I give it a day to settle, and give the automobile drivers a day to sharpen their skills in driving. I have noticed that people seem to lack the ability to remember how to drive in snow, each time it snows. If they did remember, accidents would be down and insurance salespeople would not be in the local saloons, trying to forget all the new paperwork that comes from accident claims. So tomorrow I will be making my rounds on 2-wheels. Today I stay inside and do housework.